In which Joshua Hauke!

While at the big San Diego Comicon one has the chance to meet a whole slew of incredibly talented people. One such person I met this year was artist extraordinaire Joshua Hauke. Having his own long running and successful webcomic, Tales of the Brothers Three, I made sure to talk his ear off about webcomicing, art, and the pros and cons of a Scott Peterson based society.

It was real cool of him to not be scared of the spastic ewok barraging him with questions while he tried to eat. So I want to thank him for his patience and, more importantly, for drawing this amazing comic today.

Again, check out more of his amazing work at Tales of the Brothers Three where you can see the guest strip I got to do for him.

Thanks again Josh! Myrr!

check out The Brothers Three here:

B3-Toilet Sharks-Banner(3)